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Limited Edition of 3000 Units.

Excuse us while we whip this out… The first-ever official, studio-licensed release, in any format, of the full music soundtrack to the classic 1974 Warner Bros. western/comedy BLAZING SADDLES, directed and co-written by Mel Brooks and starring Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn, Slim Pickens and Mel Brooks. Remastered from original studio vault elements, this Limited Edition CD features the classic songs from the film (“Blazing Saddles”, “I’m Tired”, “Ballad of Rock Ridge”, “The French Mistake”) as well as acclaimed composer John Morris’ (THE PRODUCERS, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, HIGH ANXIETY, THE IN-LAWS, CLUE, SPACEBALLS) rousing, indelible score – a score that manages to earn a rightful place among classic Western film themes, while skillfully sending the genre up at the same time. BONUS TRACKS include special instrumental versions of all the songs. Exclusive liner notes take you behind the film and its music with comments from Director/Co-Writer/Songwriter Mel Brooks and Composer John Morris. This is a limited edition of 3000 Units.


  1. Signature / Main Title (Performed by Frankie Laine) 2:29
  2. Ballad of Rock Ridge 2:04
  3. April in Paris 1:03
  4. Hoop-Dee-Doo 0:38
  5. Wagon Train Flashback 1:08
  6. Transitions 0:23
  7. Mongo 0:33
  8. Merrily We Roll Along 0:10
  9. I'm Tired (Performed by Madeline Kahn) 5:28
  10. Bart Returns 0:54
  11. Alky 1-2-3 / Ballad of Rock Ridge (sad) / Desperado Registration / Night Camp Tent 1:35
  12. A New Rock Ridge 0:53
  13. Voodoo You Do / The Big Fight / The French Mistake 1:45
  14. The Studio Fight / Grauman’s 2:15
  15. Noble Farewell / Finale 2:35
    Bonus Tracks
  16. Signature / Main Title (instrumental/chorus version) 2:29
  17. Ballad of Rock Ridge (instrumental) 2:00
  18. I'm Tired (instrumental) 5:11
  19. The French Mistake (instrumental) 0:11
  20. Finale (instrumental) 1:54
  21. I Get a Kick Out of You (Performed by Cleavon Little) 0:35
  22. Hail To The Chief 0:11
  23. Springtime for Hitler 0:11
  24. Bar Source 0:38
  25. The French Mistake (extended album version) 0:31
  26. Signature / Main Title (instrumental/solo version)
    (Performed by Frankie Laine) 2:41
    Total disc time: 41:31

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