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Presenting the original soundtrack to the Sci Fi Channel World Premiere Mini-Series FARSCAPE: THE PEACEKEEPER WARS.


Composer Guy Gross’ (FARSCAPE) sensational orchestral score, performed by the Sydney Symphony and backed by a 40 member choir, harnesses all the otherworldly excitement of this eagerly awaited continuation of the beloved FARSCAPE television series, produced by the Jim Henson Company, starring Ben Browder, Claudia Black and Raelee Hill, and directed by Brian Henson (FARSCAPE, MUPPET TREASURE ISLAND).  In the tradition of John Williams and Basil Poledouris, this is an epic scale, orchestral sci-fi/fantasy score that will be cherished by Farscape enthusiasts and movie music fans alike.  CD Booklet features amazing art and exclusive liner notes.



Visit the composer's official website at: http://ggm.com.au/


Vol One. Limited Edition! 
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Visit the official Mini-Series site at  http://www.scifi.com/farscape/





WARNING: Track titles below contain plot spoilers!!!


To hear the below samples combined as a promo suite, click here.


1. Peacekeeper Ambush (2:33)

2. The Battle Continues (0:49)

3. The Eidelons (3:35)

4. Moya Attacked (6:15)

5. Developments (2:02)

6. Scarrans Arrive (2:37)

7. Aeryn Discovers The Truth (1:43)

8. Chiana & D'Argo (1:05)

9. The Killing Of Yondalao (3:17)

10. Jothee Rescues (4:30)

11. Decisions (4:02)

12. In The Crossfire (6:21)

13. The Temple Battle (2:57)

14. We Have A Son (1:59)

15. Ambushed In The Streets (3:46)

16. We All Die (4:26)

17. Behold (3:13)

18. The Stand Off (4:32)

19. The Aftermath (4:29)

20. This Is Your Playground (4:55)


Total Time: 69:06

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