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Presenting BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: SEASON ONE, the original soundtrack from the first season of Sci Fi Channel's critically acclaimed, #1 television series starring Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, James Callis, Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff. Composer Bear McCreary's dynamic score ingeniously melds orchestra, vocals and synth into an emotional experience that ranges from full-throttle action to soul-stirring drama. Packed with more than 78 minutes of music, this is a comprehensive collection of the very best musical moments from this amazing sci-fi drama's first season. Features both U.S. and U.K. main title themes and includes exclusive liner notes. All-new 2nd season of GALACTICA premieres in July 2005!

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  1. Prologue 0:38
  2. Main Title (US Version) 1:02
  3. Helo Chase 1:29
  4. The Olympic Carrier 5:39
  5. Helo Rescued 0:59
  6. A Good Lighter 1:52
  7. The Thousandth Landing 3:04
  8. Two Funerals 3:22
  9. Starbuck Takes on All Eight 3:44
  10. Forgiven 1:28
  11. The Card Game 3:01
  12. Starbuck on the Red Moon 1:58
  13. Helo in the Warehouse 1:59
  14. Baltar Speaks with Adama 1:52
  15. Two Boomers 1:46
  16. Battlestar Operatica 2:33
  17. The Dinner Party 3:12
  18. Battlestar Muzaktica 1:41
  19. Baltar Panics 1:44
  20. Boomer Flees 1:14
  21. Flesh and Bone 4:04
  22. Battle on the Asteroid 6:50
  23. Wander My Friends 2:55
  24. PassAcaglia 5:13
  25. Kobolís Last Gleaming 2:47
  26. Destiny 4:42
  27. The Shape of Things to Come 2:53
  28. Bloodshed 1:46
  29. Re-Cap 0:34
  30. Main Title (UK Version) 1:06
Total Time 78:33


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