Available for the first time, this is the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the classic 1954 film GODZILLA, featuring the complete score by famed composer Akira Ifukube, (who is celebrating his 90 th birthday this year).

Produced in association with Toho Studios, this commemorative 50 th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack is a handsome companion to the restored original film, currently playing in theaters across the nation in limited engagements.

Rest in Peace, Akira Ifukube

Ifukube’s timeless orchestral score evokes all the terror and majesty of that towering creature cherished around the world. Newly remastered with bonus tracks (cues edited as they appeared in the film), the CD includes a knockout collectors’ booklet featuring exclusive artwork and in-depth liner notes.

Unlike tracks on previous Japanese versions, this release does not have dialogue or the baby cry mixed in with the score.


  1. Godzilla Approaches (Sound Effects) (0:49)
  2. Godzilla Main Title (1:31)
  3. Ship Music/Sinking of Eikou-Maru (1:06)
  4. Sinking of Bingou-Maru (0:23)
  5. Anxieties on Ootojima Island (0:50)
  6. Ootojima Temple Festival (1:21)
  7. Stormy Ootojima Island (1:53)
  8. Theme for Ootojima Island (0:34)
  9. Japanese Army March I (0:42)
  10. Horror of the Water Tank (0:42)
  11. Godzilla Comes Ashore (1:52)
  12. Godzilla’s Rampage (2:25)
  13. Desperate Broadcast (1:12)
  14. Godzilla Comes to Tokyo Bay (1:25)
  15. Intercept Godzilla (1:27)
  16. Tragic Sight of the Imperial Capital (2:18)
  17. Oxygen Destroyer (3:11)
  18. Prayer for Peace (2:48)
  19. Japanese Army March II (0:21)
  20. Godzilla at the Ocean Floor (6:20)
  21. Ending (1:41)
  22. Godzilla Leaving (Sound Effects) (1:04)

Bonus Tracks

  1. Main Title (Film Version) (2:03)
  2. First Landing (Film Version) (3:37)
  3. Tokyo in Flames (Film Version) (2:17)
  4. Last Assault (Film Version) (2:21)

Total Time: 46:28

These recordings have been taken from the best available Mono sources from the Toho music vaults and have been digitally remastered.


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