La-La Land Records and Bold Films present the original motion picture score to the feature film coming-of-age-horror-fantasy THE HOLE, starring Chris Massoglia, Haley Bennett and Teri Polo, and directed by Joe Dante. Acclaimed composer Javier Navarrete (PAN'S LABYRINTH, MIRRORS, WRATH OF THE TITANS, 47 RONIN) finds the perfect pitch for Dante's thoughtful spookfest, fashioning a beautifully haunting orchestral score that is worthy of following in the footsteps of the director's previous collaborations with composer Jerry Goldsmith. Here, Navarrete excels as he did with PAN'S LABYRINTH, creating music that evokes the wonder and mystery of childhood, while also finding terror in exploring its deepest, darkest fears. Produced by Dan Goldwasser and Javier Navarrete and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this special release is limited to 3000 units. The CD booklet features some brief thoughts from the composer, director and the film's editor, Marshall Harvey.


  1. We Can Make It Work (2:26)
  2. Maybe a Treasure (2:32)
  3. Julie Feels It (3:18)
  4. Walking the Town (4:01)
  5. It's Still Down There Somewhere (3:22)
  6. The Little Girl (3:06)
  7. Creepy Carl (3:19)
  8. Not Every Man Is Your Father (5:19)
  9. Lucas' Pool Scare (1:55)
  10. The Sketch Book (2:44)
  11. You Let Me Die (6:03)
  12. The Jester Is Back (4:07)
  13. It Brings Your Fears to Life (4:34)
  14. I'm Not Like You (4:58)
  15. It's Just a Hole (5:34)

Total Time: 57:20


LLLCD 1247


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