This is a compilation of original soundtrack recordings, by composers Hideakira Sakurai and Kuuihiko Murai, from the legendary 70's Japanese Samurai films series LONE WOLF AND CUB a.k.a. THE BABY CART SERIES. Based on the famous Manga of the same name, this collection of music helps set the tone for the films that have inspired a multitude of filmmakers ranging from John Woo (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2) to Quentin Tarantino (KILL BILL) and Robert Rodriguez (ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO). The films tell the story of a Father and infant son who wander the Japanese countryside lending their skill as an assassin to help those in need whilst trying to avenge the death of their family and restore honor to their name.

Never before available in North America in any format, this remastered compilation of music from all six LONE WOLF films showcases fascinating, eclectic movie music that combines traditional Japanese stylings with Western, 70's-era motifs. CD Booklet contains production stills and promotional art and features an in-depth look at the LONE WOLF film series and its sensational music.

LLLCD - 1017


Sword of Vengeance music: Hideakira Sakurai

1. Main Title (1:37)
2. The Vow (1:28)
3. The Ball and The Dotanuki (3:28)
4. The Suioryu Swordsmanship (:52)
5. The Bird and the Beast (2:08)
6. Shiver: Itto Ogami the Assassin (:43)
7. Ending (1:42)

Baby Cart at the River Styx music: Hideakira Sakurai

8. The Wolf Crosses the Ocean (1:16)
9. Bentenrai the Public Guard (2:38)
10. The Ogamis and Sayaka Yagyu (1:53)
11. Duel at the Dune (2:59)

Baby Cart to Hades: Hideakira Sakurai

12. Prologue: Shining Waters (1:39)
13. Daigoro at a Rainy Night (from "Kozure Okami" composed by Tadashi Yoshida) (1:25)
14. The Wolf howls in the Wilds (2:54)

Baby Cart in Peril music: Hideakira Sakurai

15. Main Title (1:52)
16. Besieging Army of Ura Yagyu (4:41)
17. Ending (1:04)

Baby Cart in the Land of Demons music: Hideakira Sakurai

18. Main Title (1:38)
19. The Wolf?s Cub (1:08)
20. The Setting Sun (:25)
21. The Kuroda Menbo Army (1:54)
22. The Running Wolf (3:09)
23. Ending (:30)

White Heaven in Hell music: Kunihiko Murai

24. Main Title (2:36)
25. Ending theme song from "Baby Cart to Hades " (3:27)

Sung by Tomisaburo Wakayama
Lyrics Kazuo Koike
Music Hiroshi Kamayatsu



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