Limited Edition of 1200 Units

Presenting the original motion picture score from the 1979 American International motion picture event METEOR, starring Sean Connery, Natalie Wood, Karl Malden and Henry Fonda. Acclaimed composer Laurence Rosenthal (ROOSTER COGBURN, WHO’LL STOP THE RAIN, CLASH OF THE TITANS) fashions an inventive, dynamic orchestral score with electronic flourishes that brings this star-studded disaster epic to life. Previously released at the time of the film only in Japan, and also as a composer promo in 1997 with just under 39 minutes of music, this Limited Edition release differs from the promo in that a couple of cues have been combined, one new track was located (Track 3B: “The Meteor #2”) and the track names have been transcribed from the original cue sheet titles. Also, the sound has been digitally remastered. This is a Limited Edition of 1200 Units.


  1. METEOR Main Title (4:24)
  2. Challenger 2 (2:45)
  3. The Meteor #1 / The Meteor #2 / 30,000 MPH (2:09)
  4. The Russians Arrive (0:54)
  5. Siberia (2:00)
  6. The Meteor #3 (0:53)
  7. Dubov's Rage (0:56)
  8. Prepare For Realigning Peter The Great (0:47)
  9. Realigning Peter The Great / Realigning Hercules (3:50)
  10. Alpine Innocence / Paul and Tatiana (2:55)
  11. Countdown (2:32)
  12. Manhattan Splinter (2:24)
  13. Hercules Rising / Malfunction / Trapped / One Rocket Lost (2:55)
  14. Assault and Impact (3:20)
  15. METEOR Band March / METEOR End Credits (7:02)
    Total Time: 40:22

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