Presenting the complete score to the 1991 MGM motion picture NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER, starring Sally Field and Alfred Molina and directed by Brian Gilbert. Legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith (ALIEN, FIRST KNIGHT, BASIC INSTINCT, CHINATOWN) crafts a dynamic orchestral score, performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra, and laced with strategic synth, that propels all the emotion and suspense of this big screen drama. Digitally remastered, and featuring BONUS TRACKS that include source cues and an “orchestra only” suite, this special Limited Edition of 3000 Units boasts exclusive Liner Notes and is a welcome addition to the soundtrack collection of any Goldsmith enthusiast or film music fan.


1. The Lake 2:37
2. Night Stories 1:59
3. The Promise 1:59
4. Mistaken Identity 0:32
5. No Job 3:14
6. Trapped 2:46
7. Street Call 1:19
8. First Break 0:52
9. Threats 1:30
10. The Basement 0:40
11. School's Out 1:09
12. Don't Leave 3:30
13. The Recruiters 0:55
14. First Break 4:37
15. Dry Spell 5:52
16. The Flag/Back Home 5:43

17. Piano Source (not used in film) 0:45
18. Prelude - Chopin 2:29
(Public Domain)
19. Joy To The World 0:27
(Public Domain)

20. Orchestra Only Suite 20:07
The Lake/Night Stories/Trapped/
Don't Leave/First Break/Check Point/End Credits

Total Time: 63:49


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