Presenting the original motion picture soundtrack to the 1987 cult horror classic ROCK N ROLL NIGHTMARE. Acclaimed Heavy Metal performer and actor John Mikl Thor stars as rocker John Triton, who takes on Evil in this beloved shocker, which is finally making its much anticipated national DVD debut this summer. This is ROCK N ROLL NIGHTMARE’ S first official soundtrack CD release and it’s jam-packed with scorching singles and score tracks from the film, performed by Thor. Features original score and songs, including We Live To Rock, Live It Up, Steal Your Thunder and new bonus tracks Rock N Roll Nightmare and Lend Me Your Ears. A must-have CD for Thor’s fans, any 80’s-style Heavy Metal enthusiast and devotees of horror film music. Thor is touring the U.S. this summer! For more info visit TRACK LISTING
  1. RNRN Intro 2:09*
  2. Spiralling Terror 3:03*
  3. Wild Life 2:09*
  4. The Magic Voice 2:33**
  5. Winds of Evil 1:24*
  6. Live It Up 3:05**
  7. Heads Will Turn 3:04**
  8. Calm Before The Fear 2:04*
  9. We Live To Rock 3:26**
    (Let's Tune Our Weapons)

  10. Damage Control 1:56**†
    (Let's Rock One)
  11. Energy 3:31**
  12. Nocturnal Invader 0:26*†
  13. Mad As Hell 2:09*
  14. Ghost Walker 2:53*
  15. Steal Your Thunder 3:35**
  16. I Heard Luanne Scream 0:29*†
  17. March Of The Purple Star Fish 1:27
  18. Somewhere When Rises The Moon 3:22*
  19. Attack Of The Minions 0:22*
  20. Face Off (The Final Confrontation)1:58*†
  21. I Knew If I Pissed You Off †
  22. We Accept The Challenge 4:11
  23. See You Again Old Scratch 0:16*†
  24. Unknown Stranger 1:54*
  25. Rock N' Roll Nightmare 4:07*
  26. Tritonz Theme 2:29*
  27. Lend Me Your Ears 7:58
* - Score Track ** - Vocal Track � - Contains Dialogue From Film

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