LucasArts, in association with La-La Land Records proudly presents the sensational, full-throttle orchestral score to the thrilling, high-flying LucasArts videogame SECRET WEAPONS OVER NORMANDY™. Acclaimed composer Michael Giacchino captures all the pulse-pounding excitement of this new game with a rich, powerful music score to rival any of the classic WWII adventure films. Performed by the Northwest Sinfonia. Includes a special BONUS CD-ROM featuring additional music cues and an exciting behind the scenes look at the game, the score and its composer. 12-Page CD Booklet features detailed liner notes.

From the Acclaimed Composer of TV’s ALIAS and the game MEDAL OF HONOR!

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  1. Main Theme 4:56
  2. Dunkirk Harbor 3:20
  3. Battle of Britain 4:18
  4. Operation Sea Lion 3:53
  5. Zauara 4:12
  6. The Siamese Coast 4:25
  7. The Rescue of Pauline 4:16
  8. Midway 6:05
  9. Copenhagen 3:33
  10. Stalingrad 4:07
  11. East Prussian Factory Run 3:34
  12. Fjords of Norway 4:34
  13. Stealing the Me262 5:05
  14. Peenemunde 4:43
  15. Harz Mountains 3:07
  16. The Normandy Coast

4:39 Total Time - Disc One 68:55


  1. Gold Guy Logo 0:07
  2. Prelude 1:05
  3. Dunkirk Harbor Extra 1:27
  4. Battle of Britain Extra 1:00
  5. Operation Sea Lion Extra 1:14
  6. Zauara Extra 0:32
  7. The Siamese Coast Extra 0:36
  8. Copenhagen Extra 1:32
  9. Stalingrad Extra 0:47
  10. Prussian Factory Run Extra 1:39
  11. Fjords of Norway Extra 0:19
  12. Harz Mountains Extra 0:43
  13. The Rescue of Pauline Extra 1:58
  14. Belgian Navy Song 0:28
Total Time - Disc Two 14:02 PLUS: Bonus materials viewable on your PC or Macintosh computer.

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