2CD Set of Film Version of Batman (Danny Elfman)
2CD Set of Krull (James Horner)
Predators (John Debney)

(July 15, 2010- Los Angeles, CA) – La-La Land Records announces three special releases, available at their booth at San Diego’s Comic Con on July 21-25 (including preview night): Predators (John Debney), and two 2CD sets: Batman: Limited Edition (Danny Elfman ) and Krull: Limited Edition (James Horner). All three recordings will be available via on July 27th but you can grab them first at THE CON! In addition to these premiere releases, there will be special appearances and great deals on La-La Land Records soundtracks at their display, housed at the Toy Hungry booth, space #429.

Guest composers will be stopping by the La-La Land area to greet fans and sign CDs. Newly Emmy Award® nominated composer Bear McCreary (Caprica, Battlestar Galactica, Human Target) will kick things off from 4-5PM on Thursday. Visit the La-La Land gang at Comic-Con to find out who will be appearing to sign autographs and when.

Follow La-La Land on Twitter for breaking news at Comic Con, including information about special composer guests and signing times: La-La Land Records will be housed at the Toy Hungry booth, #429, during Comic-Con from July 21-25 (including preview night).

BATMAN (1989): LIMITED EDITION: 2 CD-SET (Expanded Archival Collection)
LLLCD 1140
Music by Danny Elfman
Limited Edition of 5000 Units

As part of our Expanded Archival Collection, La-La Land Records presents the World premiere release of the film version of Danny Elfman’s acclaimed original score to the 1989 Warner Bros. blockbuster BATMAN, starring Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger and directed by Tim Burton. With a running time of 144 minutes, this 2-CD SET, produced by Dan Goldwasser, Neil S. Bulk and MV Gerhard, and remastered by James Nelson, features the previously unreleased film version of Mr. Elfman’s score, as well as a remastered presentation of the 1989 soundtrack album and never-before-released Bonus Tracks. 20 Page CD Booklet features in-depth liner notes by Jeff Bond. Limited Edition of 5000 Units

ABOUT THIS RELEASE: In order to present as much music as possible from Batman in the best possible quality, multiple sources were utilized with the best-quality elements selected for each cue on an individual basis. For disc one and the bonus cues on disc two, three sources were used: Eric Tomlinson’s 35mm 4-track mixes, 1/4 inch stereo mixes and a stereo 35mm music only track. The album cues on disc two were sourced from the original digital album master featuring Shawn Murphy’s stereo album mix.


Disc One: Original Score (film version)
1. Main Title* (2:42)
2. Family*/First Batman*/Roof Fight* (3:24)
3. Jack Vs. Eckhardt* (1:37)
4. Up Building*/Card Snap* (1:54)
5. Bat Zone*/Axis Set-Up* (1:55)
6. Shootout* (5:42)
7. Dinner Transition*/Kitchen Dinner* (**)/Surgery* (3:00)
8. Face–Off* (**)/Beddy Bye* (3:59)
9. Roasted Dude* (1:03)
10. Vicki Spies (Flowers)* (1:56)
11. Clown Attack* (1:59)
12. Photos*/Beautiful Dreamer* (***) (2:30)
13. Men At Work* (0:33)
14. Paper Spin*/Alicia’s Mask* (0:30)
15. Vicki Gets A Gift* (1:13)
16. Alicia’s Unmasking* (1:10)
17. Batman To The Rescue*/Batmobile Charge*/Street Fight* (4:25)
18. Descent Into Mystery* (1:33)
19. Bat Cave*/Paper Throw* (2:48)
20. The Joker’s Poem* (0:59)
21. Sad Pictures* (0:38)
22. Dream*/Challenge*/Tender Bat Cave* (**) (4:28)
23. Charge Of The Batmobile* (1:43)
24. Joker Flies To Gotham (Unused)*/Batwing I* (0:31)
25. Batwing II*/Batwing III* (6:02)
26. Cathedral Chase* (5:07)
27. Waltz To The Death* (3:58)
28. Showdown I*/Showdown II* (5:05)
29. Finale* (**) (1:47)
30. End Credits* (1:29)
Disc One Total Time: 75:40

Disc Two: Original Soundtrack Album (remastered)
1. The Batman Theme (2:37)
2. Roof Fight (1:22)
3. First Confrontation (4:43)
4. Kitchen/Surgery/Face–Off** (3:09)
5. Flowers (1:51)
6. Clown Attack (1:46)
7. Batman To The Rescue (3:57)
8. Roasted Dude (1:02)
9. Photos/Beautiful Dreamer*** (2:31)
10. Descent Into Mystery (1:33)
11. The Bat Cave (2:35)
12. The Joker’s Poem (0:59)
13. Childhood Remembered (2:43)
14. Love Theme** (1:30)
15. Charge Of The Batmobile (1:41)
16. Attack Of The Batwing (4:45)
17. Up The Cathedral (5:05)
18. Waltz To The Death (3:56)
19. The Final Confrontation (3:48)
20. Finale (**) (***) (1:46)
21. Batman Theme Reprise (1:31)

Bonus Cues:
22. News Theme* (0:11)
23. Joker’s Commercial* (1:23)
24. Joker’s Muzak (unused)* (1:15)
25. Main Title (alt 1)* (2:42)
26. Photos*/Beautiful Dreamer (alt)* (**) (2:33)
27. Batman To The Rescue (original ending)* (0:52)
28. Charge Of The Batmobile (film edit)* (1:47)
29. Main Title (alt 2)* (2:47)
Disc Two Total Time: 68:20
Total Running Time: 144:00

* Previously unreleased
** includes “Scandalous” composed by Prince with John L. Nelson
*** includes “Beautiful Dreamer” composed by Stephen Foster

Music by James Horner
Limited Edition of 3000 Units

Presenting James Horner’s newly remastered motion picture score to the 1983 Columbia Pictures sci-fi/adventure/fantasy KRULL, starring Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony and Liam Nesson and directed by Peter Yates. Previously out of print, this 2-Disc re-issue of one of Mr. Horner’s most striking film scores is produced by Ford A. Thaxton and remastered by James Nelson, and features never-before-released bonus tracks. 16 Page CD Booklet features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by Jeff Bond. Limited Edition of 3000 Units.


1. Main Title And Colwyn’s Arrival (7:34)
2. The Slayers Attack (9:18)
3. Quest For The Glaive (7:23)
4. Ride To The Waterfall (0:53)
5. Lyssa In The Fortress (1:28)
6. The Walk To The Seer’s Cave (4:10)
7. The Seer’s Vision (2:18)
8. The Battle In The Swamp (2:39)
9. Quicksand (3:38)
10. The Changeling (4:04)
11. Leaving The Swamp (1:58)
Total Time - Disc One: 45:23

1. Vella (3:46)
2. The Widow’s Web (6:18)
3. The Widow’s Lullaby (5:01)
4. Ynyr’s Death (1:41)
5. Ride Of The Firemares (5:22)
6. Battle On The Parapets (2:53)
7. Inside The Black Fortress (6:13)
8. The Death Of The Beast And The
Destruction Of The Black Fortress (8:31)
9. Epilogue And End Title (4:52)

10. Colwyn And Lyssa Love Theme (2:35)
11. The Walk To The Seer’s Cave
(Album Edit) (2:16)
12. Theme From Krull (4:48)
Total Time - Disc Two: 54:16
Total Running Time: 99:39

Music by John Debney

Presenting the original motion picture score to the blockbuster 20th Century Fox sci-fi/action feature film PREDATORS, starring Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Trejo and Topher Grace, directed by Nimrod Antal and produced by Robert Rodriguez (SIN CITY, DESPERADO, PLANET TERROR, MACHETE). Film opens in North American theaters nationwide, July 9, 2010. Acclaimed composer John Debney (IRON MAN 2, PASSION OF THE CHRIST, SIN CITY, THE RELIC), ratchets up all the action and suspense of this latest hit installment of the legendary PREDATOR franchise with a propulsive orchestral score that skillfully incorporates Alan Silvestri’s iconic themes from the original film. CD Booklet features exclusive art and liner notes.


1. Free Fall* 3:06
2. Single Shooter* 2:08
3. This Is Hell* 4:10
4. Cages/Trip-wire 3:51
5. Not Of This Earth 2:50
6. Hound Attack 4:08
7. We Run We Die 4:39
8. Predator Attack* 1:46
9. Meet Mr. Black 1:15
10. They See Our Traps* 2:26
11. Over Here 2:24
12. Smoke* 2:38
13. Nikolai Blows* 2:10
14. Stans’ Last Stand 1:49
15. Hanzo’s Last Stand* 3:08
16. Leg Trap 2:22
17. Take Me To The Ship 2:04
18. Edwin and Isabelle Captured* 1:33
19. Predator Fight, Royce Runs 3:15
20. Twisted Edwin/Royce Returns 3:25
21. She’s Paralyzed* 6:05
22. Royce vs. Predator 2:39
23. Let’s Get Off This Planet 3:01
24. Theme From Predator* 1:45
Total Time 68:37

*Contains The Original Theme From PREDATOR
Composed by Alan Silvestri



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