Presenting acclaimed composer Tyler Bates’ (DAWN OF THE DEAD, YOU GOT SERVED, BADASSS!) original motion picture score to famed musician/filmmaker Rob Zombie’s big-screen horror-thriller THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, the much anticipated follow-up to his cult hit HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, that reunites the beloved cast of CORPSES (Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie, Bill Moseley) alongside a “who’s who” of famous horror film performers. THE DEVIL’S REJECTS opens in wide release in theaters across North America on July 22, 2005, from Lions Gate Films. Mr. Bates’ score redefines horror movie music with a spellbinding fusion of creepy atmospherics and acid rock. His music score is an indispensable part of Mr. Zombie’s edgy, rollicking tribute to 1970’s era exploitation cinema. CD Booklet designed by Rob Zombie contains exclusive liner notes from the composer and director.

Visit the official THE DEVIL'S REJECTS site here.

Visit composer Tyler Bate's official site here.

  1. Tiny And His Girl/Police (4:20)
  2. Ten Cars – Twenty Five Pigs (1:32)
  3. Shootout (1:32)
  4. Mama Pulls The Trigger (2:12)
  5. Ride The Horse (1:04)
  6. Driving To The Khaki Palms (0.22)
  7. Unwanted Guests (4:00)
  8. Official Clown Business (1:52)
  9. Dirty Knees (4:05)
  10. See You In Hell (4:09)
  11. Yellow Brick Road (3:30)
  12. Another Failed Escape (2:14)
  13. Adam’s Face (1:41)
  14. The Rejects Were Here (1:09)
  15. Road Kill (2:33)
  16. Brother George/I Found Your Guy (5:56)
  17. Holy Guacamole (0:49)
  18. Hand Sandwich (1:55)
  19. Joyride (2:45)
  20. Staples (2:27)
  21. You Feeling It, Brother? (2:33)
  22. Run Baby Girl (2:43)
  23. Tiny Snaps Wydell (2:04)
  24. We’ll Come Back For You (1:49)
Total Time: 59:28

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