Presenting the original motion picture score to the 1970 AIP drama, WUTHERING HEIGHTS, starring Timothy Dalton and Anna Calder-Marshall. Acclaimed composer Michel Legrand (Ice Station Zebra, Yentl, The Thomas Crown Affair, Atlantic City) brings this well-regarded film version of the classic tale to life with a gorgeous orchestral score. This is the original album presentation, with the addition of a previously unreleased track, digitally remastered from the original 1/4" stereo tapes from the MGM vaults. This is the original album presentation. CD Booklet contains exclusive in-depth liner notes covering the film and its score. A Limited Edition pressing of only 1200 Units.


1. I Was Born In Love With You (2:07)
(Theme From WUTHERING HEIGHTS - Instrumental)
2. Yorkshire Moors (2:38)
3. Le Grand Holiday (2:45)
4. Castle Grounds (1:18)
5. Hindley (3:38)
6. The Grange (1:32)
7. Rendesvous In The Moors (2:54)
8. Cathy’s Theme (4:42)
9. Wuthering Heights* (2:33)
10. Mystical Moors (2:33)
11. Reprise For Heathcliff (5:27)
12. Ghost Of Cathy (1:30)
13. Wuthering Heights Dirge (4:08)
14. Isabella (4:08)
15 . Mourning For Cathy (1:37)
16. Heathcliff And Cathy (1:41)
17. I Was Born In Love With You (3:07)
Marilyn and Alan Bergman - M. Legrand
Vocal by the Mike Curb Congregation
* - Previously Unreleased Track
Total Time (46:46)


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