"MONTE WALSH" Music by Eric Colvin
Features "Cowboy Lullaby" written by Keith Carradine and performed by Keith Carradine and Tom Selleck
Includes selections from "CROSSFIRE TRAIL" music by Eric Colvin

The spirit of the Old West soars on La-La Land Records newest release, Eric Colvin's stirring orchestral score to the hit TNT Original Motion Picture, "MONTE WALSH", starring Tom Selleck and directed by Simon Wincer (LONESOME DOVE).

This release features an exclusive recording of "Cowboy Lullaby", written by Academy award-winning "MONTE" co-star Keith Carradine and performed by KEITH CARRADINE and TOM SELLECK.

Also included, Eric Colvin's music to another Top Rated TNT Original Western, "CROSSFIRE TRAIL."

The striking, full-color illustrated CD booklet features EXCLUSIVE LINER NOTES from star/executive producer TOM SELLECK, co-star KEITH CARRADINE, director SIMON WINCER and producer Michael Brandman.

Track List


1. Cowboy Lullaby performed by Keith Carradine and Tom Selleck 2:45 (Click for sample)
2. Monte Walsh Main Title 2:59 (Click for sample)
3. Monte and Martine Have A Smoke 2:26
4. Joe Hooker/Fun In Town 1:32
5. Mustang Roundup 3:00 (Click for sample)
6. Train Fight 3:52
7. Martine's Goodbye 1:32
8. Porch Nap/Shorty Gets Laid Off 1:25
9. Kill the Marshall 2:20
10. Missing Martine 2:39
11. Monte Stomps The Bronco 4:30
12. Rustled Cattle 1:17
13. Brady gets Killed/Shorty Kills Chet 1:19
14. Search For Shorty 1:32
15. Martine's Death 4:18
16. Blind Rage 3:48
17. Martine's Grave 0:59
18. Jump The Car 0:55
19. Cowboy Lullaby performed by Keith Carradine and Tom Selleck (Film Version) 1:13


20. Mountain Trek (Main Title) 1:56
21. Rodney Ranch Arrival 3:05 (Click for sample)
22. Horse Roundup 2:54
23. Ranch Work 1:43
24. Rafe's Promise 2:55
25. Funeral For J.T. 1:43
26. Hell breaks Loose/Best Man Wins

Total Running Time 66:39


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